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Change starts with a desire from deep within that makes you dream of what’s possible. Next, your line of sight is adjusted so that you can envision the manifestation of that change. Lastly, you do whatever is necessary to create and bring it to fruition. We at Elevated Studios believe that storytelling has the power to change lives and we plan on doing so one project at a time.

About Me

Aleah Grange

Hi there! My name is Aleah Grange and I am a video producer based in the Durham region of Ontario. I’ve been working as a videographer and video editor since 2017 and have over six years of experience in content creation. I have worked as the head of video production with multiple businesses, entrepreneurs and religious corporations within Ontario. Some of my responsibilities included directing and producing church services, concerts, talks shows, theatrical productions and more! I also provided event planning and social media development support, as well as training in various media related departments.
Video Editing (Adobe Premiere Pro)
Creative Direction
Video Production

My number one passion is feature films, but I truly enjoy all types of storytelling. Elevated Studios is an extension of who I am as a content creator, because when it comes to storytelling, the sky’s the limit. Therefore, it is my desire to use our lens to bring your story to life. Let us tell your story, today!

One of my major accomplishments within this past year includes keeping a major client operational throughout the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, by coordinating the production of online services within the governmental restrictions. I am also very proud to announce that Elevated Studios wrote, directed and produced our very first short film in 2022!

With over six years of video production experience, Elevated Studios is here to take your project to the next level! We offer a wide variety of video content creation as well as technical directing and graphic coordination coverage for live broadcasts. Our vast knowledge of video production technology is just what you need to bring your production to life in a professional and exciting way. We have worked with a variety of equipment and software brands such as Black Magic, Adobe and RESI. Contact us today to find out how we can help bring your story to life.

A variety of services that will take your project to the next level

Types of Videos

Short Form Content

Promotion for a product, event or service
Content creator videos
Personal content meant to grow a consistent and regular audience (YouTube videos, Reels)
Music Videos
Creative video representation of a song

Long Form Content

Structured conversation meant to provide information on a particular person or topic
Talk show/Podcasts
Creatively staged environment meant to encourage spontaneous conversation
Short films
A motion picture under 10 minutes
Live Broadcasts
Live video feed to be streamed on various platforms




Creative Development

Our pre-production process is extensive to ensure that your project has all of its needs met the first time around. We cover it all, from the conceptualization process to managing shoot dates.
  • Writing: Conceptualizing your project
  • Casting: Assisting in allocating the necessary personnel
  • Location Scouting: Searching for the desired shooting environment
  • Shot-listing: Ordering the shots of the project
  • Personnel Prep: Providing all necessary information to the cast and crew
  • Consultation: Provide visual production guidance and recommendations on live broadcasting sets, equipment and operational needs
  • Coordination: Set up visual production sets and equipment for live broadcasts
  • Training: Teach visual production set design, equipment use and operational skills for live broadcasts.
  • Rehearsals: Designated dates used to practice or review the content prior to production day


Diligence is key in the production process. That’s why we personally take care of all your shooting needs. From the camera set up and audio configurations, all the way to the lighting choices and orientation.

* Rentals may be required, Projects that require equipment not provided by Elevated Studios may be available as an outsourced rental. Contact us today for more details.

  • Film: Set up, configure, capture and monitor all footage
  • Sound: Set up, configure, capture and monitor all audio
  • Light: Set up and configure all lighting gear
  • Technical Directing: Operate the switcher and direct the broadcast
  • Graphic Coordinating: Cueing and monitoring all media
  • Travel: Travel to multiple shoot locations
  • Rental Gear: Rent any necessary gear for the production


The finished product is what we’re all here for, and satisfied clients equals more success. That’s why our editing process includes your input every step of the way. We include a set of revisions with each project to ensure your finished product is polished to perfection.
  • Footage: Footage logging and assembly
  • Sound: Voice editing, music editing, and sound effects
  • Effects: Colour correction, colour grading, visual effects
  • Graphics: Still graphics and motion graphics
  • Text: Titles, subtitles, and on-screen text
  • Storage: Store all client project files
  • Versions: Generate multiple versions of a project with different video dimensions


Minimum of 2 hours required for all services. Half day and full day rates available. All add-ons charged separately. Contact us today for details.


$ 50


$ 250


$ 75

*The prices indicated above are starting prices. These prices may increase depending on the services rendered.

Frequently Asked Questions.

SHORT and LONG TERM CONTENT with pre-production, production and post production can cost anywhere from $375 and up.
1-2 weeks including revision time. Time may increase depending on clientele feedback
Elevated Studios currently offers a limited range of equipment. Rentals may be available. Contact us for details.
Elevated Studios currently operates with one video producer and outsourced production assistance.
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